Josh Siegel

Hi, I'm Josh - a father, husband, pastor, designer and follower of Jesus in the Seattle area.


Pixels, Print, Code

I design graphics for churches and businesses looking to create compelling images for their brands, campaigns and ideas.

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Reach Church

At Reach Church, I lead worship; equip people to serve others, build teams, tell stories, teach and clarify vision.

Most importantly, I try to tell people that the Kingdom of God is found in the person of Jesus Christ.

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Communicate Vision

Baptism Concept

After long deliberation and prayerful planning, that moment eventually comes when everyone with any message or product calls their people to take a step forward.

Compel people to act with visuals that create a sense of urgency and belonging.


What matters?

Stories are where we find ourselves and where we will be. Understanding our context within the great story of joy, frustration and redemption is what matters.

Occasionally, I jot down a few words when I need to get them out of my head.



I take on limited freelance contract design work and consultancy. Occasionally, I lead worship for events.